Fooled by the chords

A project log for Klampfinator

A campfire guitar, driven by an arduino, with no strings attached.

Andy DropAndy Drop 03/27/2017 at 13:300 Comments

If anyone knew the song, i sang in the demo video, she will have noticed, that it sounded "strange". I used that song because at least to german ears it is the "hello world" of campfire songs. But it normally sounds quite different. I spent several days now looking for the reason in my software.

But yersterday evening, i found, that the chords are simply the wrong chords for this song, but thanks to the "cut & paste" charakter of the internet they are to be found literally everywhere. SO I will do another "hello world song" in the next days, And i will do it wit my phone, which also gives me better movie and sound quality.