nRF52840-Dongle hacking

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WassimWassim 01/13/2019 at 15:430 Comments

The nrf dongle has many stones on its hacking path.

Default to do so might brick it, and rescue needs high voltage jumpers switch explanation from Nordic here

Using the simplest pio, with my luck on falling over pio 0.10, of course it does not work, you need to set the UICR of NFCPINS PROTECT to disable.

although defined with the right functions LED1_G,... into pca10059.h, when using 

bsp_board_led_on() indexes from 0 to nb leds have to be passed and not the led defines !!!

without a bigger ground mass, the cpu keeps getting hard faults, so when debugging with swd I had to connect a usb charger without powering it on, just for bigger ground mass.