Smart LED Panel - MQTT to x216 WS2812B

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Mesh of sensors, zigbee, custom RF, BT, wifi, all to MQTT Gateways on Raspberry Pi with database, dashboard and webapps.

WassimWassim 04/29/2017 at 13:320 Comments


How is this working ?

PID - NodeID - R - G - B - CRC

MQTT Control

For convenience here, I used a ready Android application MQTT Dash which worked out of the box once I used the topic payload format for colors which is the #RRGGBB (e.g #FFFFFF for white). It is enough to program the right topic address (e.g. Nodes/10/RGB), this app is cool as it even provides colors pickers.

By the way, we can see here a TVSet Power as well which is an off the shelf Wemo switch connected through OpenHAB2 and MQTT.


If you need just brighter light for your room, do not use this Panel which is more valuable than that, I plan to shit it to a central messaging notifiers and use it to display text and symbols.