Quantity   Component name
1 × Pittsburgh Infrared Laser Thermometer ($18.99 via Harbor Freight Item #9398) a non-contact infrared thermometer with a built in header that speaks serial
1 × Mallofusa Servo Gimbal ($19.54 via Amazon) Servos with mounts that control the pan and tilt of the thermometer
1 × Aduino Uno or similar ($5-$25, but I already had one on hand) Microcontroller to bridge a connection between a computer and the thermometer
1 × Computer and USB cable (could use any PC or a Raspberry Pi that can run Processing sketches) A host computer to run the Processing Sketch that sets the servo limits, triggers the scanning to begin, and builds the scanned visual image
1 × Assorted wires and connectors ($0 out of the parts bin if you're like me) to connect the thermometer and servos to the Arduino. I used cables with header pins and sockets to make everything changeable as I prototype
1 × Webcam for future phases of project ($5-$50 depending on resolution and options) Later I would like to add a camera to capture a visible light image of the scanned area to automatically align and overlay the thermal image onto. For now I'm using my smartphone and Photoshop to do this manually.