Celtic Knotwork Inifinity Mirror Portal

This is an Infinity mirror with mylar rotating sheet that is tileable so the mirrors cause it to reflect like a portal.

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I had an Improvement to the Ifinity mirror that combines a Zoetrope and celtic knotwork to make a portal. I wanted to etch the top glass with pastes. I need a lot of supplies like Vinyl Printer stickers to protect glass that is not etched. I wanted to make a border around the Portal.
I had a huge power adapter I scrapped I chose A23 batteries instead. I wonder how long this will light.

I am trying to get better mirror film the crappy film will destroy my project so I have scrapped it for now.

I need a motor to spin zoetrope and a plotter to print the celtic pattern onto the mylar. I need to sonic weld the mylar so I can use the motor to spin the image which is not oval so I need to make a frame and use gears to mount the motor sideways or behind the mirror.

So I have encountered many problems in planning ahead thus this idea is scrappy due to lack of income.

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