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This is a Human Interface Device that uses fingers to input bytes of data. The thumbs are ground and 8 fingers represent byte in binary.

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Bitsfit Entertainment plans on using this device in Augmented Reality applications along with blurVisors. see for a public domain listing of this idea.

To use binaryFingers you must learn to count binary on your hands. I like to make my right index finger the lowest digit. I also like to use my left index finger to represent the lowest digit on the left hand. Since the left hand is a shift of 4 it is 2X2X2X2 so 16 times. This is like adding 4 zeros to move a digit left in decimal 1 -> 10000 so time 10^4 just like 2^4 in Binary or whatever BASE^how many digits to shift.

So that was a tangent but its useful to know the left hand is the right hand times 16 so learn your multiplication tables up to 16X16 at least.

Things that help me remember 6 is the rocker sign 0110 two middle finger touch thumb ground 9 is the opposite 1001. Tea time is 7 0111. The Okay symbol is 1 0001.

This uses 8 wires an

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