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This is a Human Interface Device for motion tracking and also a feedback perhaps using bluetooth. blurVisors blur vision by pulling eye back

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A discovery lead to this invention. Put a finger on the corner each eye and pull back. Discovered by Ember Leona of Bitsfit Entertainment and openInvent and first publized by Autumn Leon in this article (scribd or Issuu)

The idea for motion tracking using an IR Camera and Glasses was Invented by a guy name Johnny Lee on Youtube and utilizes a wiimote and IR Camera. See

This improves on that Idea and adds a blur feedback to the eyeglass unit.

The head tracking is then used to move the camera angle and change the way the screen displays graphics this is like looking out of a window and together with the LDD Lenticular Distortion Display idea we will have a fourth dimension of view the interior television 3d and exterior television 3D graphics.


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