Switch and PIR Triggered Sink Lighting

Can't let dirty dishes escape! (2014)

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An ATtiny85 is hooked up to two limit switches, a PIR sensor and 11 WS2812 LEDs. One switch is triggered by the faucet handle; the other hides under the cupboards for water-less triggering. Lights go on when either switch is hit, and go off 20 s after motion disappears. Thus it triggers when doing dishes, but not when putting dishes away or walking nearby.

I initially tried an IR rangefinder, but I was unable to aim it well enough.

The coding uses WebbotLib, and is quite simeple. Initially I started out doing a purely interrupts/timer based approach... but couldn't fully figure out everything. But it was a great small project for learning some of those lower level fundamentals.
  • 1 × ATTiny MCU I used the 8pin DIP ATTIny85
  • 1 × Strip of WS-2812 LEDs I2C addressable RGB LEDs
  • 2 × Limit switches Faucet and manual triggers
  • 1 × PIR Sensor Passive IR motion detector
  • 1 × 5V Power supply E.g. USB wall-wart

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