Time to thank people

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arcadia-labsArcadia Labs 09/28/2014 at 13:090 Comments

We are now a few hours to the next vote, so I think I won't work on the documentation anymore until then. The project will make the cut to the next contest stage, or will not, it's now too late to change this fate.

So, I think it is a great time to thank the people who contributed to this project, either with providing some hardware, or with giving some time, or both. This project could not have gone so far without these people :

Of course, I wish to thank HackaDay team for bringing me the chance to get some attention about this device. Before this contest, I wasn't that sure my device concept could be interesting to people. Now, I don't have any doubts about it.

This contest is only the beginning about this device. Many more improvements are planned, and I'm already working hard towards a future marketing scheme. Partners and customers are identified already, it is just a matter of time (and money) right now.

Now, back to coding...