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Arcadia LabsArcadia Labs 10/16/2014 at 21:420 Comments

I just pushed a new update (5_11)

Along minor changes, there is now the possibility to manually or automatically generate a random security key. This key is being used by the wireless access point software (hostapd).

A new menu entry allows to use this feature and see the actual key. I have yet to add other access-point related options but it's now easy. WPA2-PSK setting being hardcoded is not necessarily a bad thing for the moment :p

Another hardcoded variable is key lenght. It is meant to be user-definable between 40-256 bits (for scalable security vs usability), but I didn't add it to the menus yet.

The random key generation is also possible on boot, but it's still (also) a hardcoded config variable.

Of course, hostapd and the related interface are automatically restarted when needed to apply the new config.