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arcadia-labsArcadia Labs 10/17/2014 at 20:460 Comments

To the many people who are asking if I have something to do with "Anonabox" cancelled kickstarter campaign :

NO, I have nothing to do with them. They took advantage of this project when starting their campaign a few hours before the contest judging, and used my phrasing, but that's all. The tech savvy people could even check registrar to see the mentionned website was registered long after my project was registered to the contest.

Edit : Hackaday just posted an article about this here. Thanks for your support, Hackaday !

Here is also a good analyze about the Anonabox scam.

I'm also very interested in starting a KickStarter campaign or anything else that could make this device reach market (KickStarter is not available officially from France). I'm open to every proposition, so please drop me a line !

I just added a small Paypal Donate button on the project homepage... Do whatever you want with it :p