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arcadia-labsArcadia Labs 09/21/2016 at 13:092 Comments

After a lot of time thinking about this sad story, I decided to release the project to public domain. I won't sell it and I won't make any real money with it, so in my opinion, this is the best option : with a strong license, it should prevent any fishy corporation / administration to exploit it, still allowing users to do whatever they want with it.

So I'm left with 2 questions for the Hackaday readers :

- what would be the best license to use ? I want the device to be free (as in freedom), but I don't want nasty corporations to use it for bad purposes, locking it to the public or make insane money with it (it would not be fair in my opinion)

- is asking for a donation a bad idea ? Would you give one ? I think getting some money back would be fair, as I lost so much designing a useful tool I'm now willing to give for free.

Do you have a better idea ?

I still want to write about the story surrounding this project : we often read about successful stories, failures not so much...


Amit Kumar wrote 08/30/2017 at 17:58 point

i want to join you in this war brother , please get in touch with me i am from india and we can make your dreams come true from here in india. i can arrange funding also , i have good connections here.

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Alexis Hope wrote 12/06/2016 at 21:12 point

Open Source it and put a pre made version of it on Kick Starter! Pitched right I'm sure you'd get some compensation for your efforts. It's a great device.

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