A glowing object that starts to glow when you shake it. Bouncing ball that lights up modified with glow in the dark paint and a UV light.

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I wanted this frobozz stone that glows. The real zork stone glows when danger is near -Like a GRUE! and 8 bit tragedy GRUE may have been a truncated string variable. IE GRUESOME _____. From a time before graphics when game still exisited in this galaxy not so far away.

The stone glows because glow in the dark paint. I want to paint solar panels with this stuff. or have a glow shield at night. Or pool agitator.

This design entails Cutting a bouncing ball in half making it hollow and putting a battery led and spring so that when it is shook the UV LED lights the GLOW paint from interior. A mercury switch would be a bad Idea here.

Improvements would be a radiation detector. Then It would light up when you are in radiation. Like sunradiation.

Thanks to Infocom for that game Wishbringer I learned to read with. Also if you want to try Interactive Fiction Try Instead Engine on sourceforge. and contact me.

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