Got some recurring irritating video to process? Got a slack channel? This solves your dumb problem.

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We have a set of Piper cameras. Piper is one of those IoT security systems where it'll just notify you on a phone or something if it detects something. They've got a handful of ways to detect things: noise, movement, IR, and I think a few other things we never bothered to hook up.

We have a Slack channel for our house. Piper integrates with IFTTT, so we have Slack notifications from our security cameras when something goes wrong. It posts a video to the channel, which is pretty handy, actually.

We have a Roomba. The Roomba trips the motion detector every day. Usually a couple times! And you know how it is with false-positives; you see a bunch of them and the true positives get lost in the noise. The videos being posted to the channel started getting ignored, which makes the whole setup not that useful.

I work at Google in Research and Machine Intelligence. Computers are really good at repetitive boring-ass tasks!

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