Day 29: evezor_arm_v1_idc_regiggerer

A project log for Evezor Robotics and Automation Platform

A Networked set Robotic Arms, Motion platforms, sensors and more. Easily programmed with a drag and drop interface.

anfroholicanfroholic 10/13/2023 at 12:390 Comments

This boards incorporates two gadgeteer ports intended to work with the other devices in this ecosystem. I originally created this board as a way to remap pins. And using this thing I decided that I hated everything about systems like the gadgeteer standard, pmod, shields, hats, and many of the other systems that intend to create a reusable set of standards among controllers and devices. But inevitably you run into issues like, this pin does not have pwm and I want it to. Or this pin does not have pullups or can only be used as an input and on and on. Secondly, when you end up going through these mappings your code and schematics begin to look just as ugly and trying to trace down issues when you want to change or diagnose things you must again untangle all these mappings. No more! I threw all these boards in the trash and have no intention of looking back. It's a noble goal to try and create some kind of standards for breaking out pins and I will continue to create and use them, but attempting to have a paradigm like this as the foundation is untenable and was part of the inspiration for the larger Evezor edge board concept.

Source files for this board can be found here: