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An approach to entry-level wideband spectrometry (color temperature & CRI, UV-A /UV-B dosimetry, material identification, ...)

helgehelge 03/25/2023 at 13:280 Comments
1 Signal GND shield over IC and input-side pads.

of 2 u.fl connectors added instead of 2.54mm pin headers.

3 pin diode array with Pb aperture. Signal GND inside is left disconnected from the sensor head chassis GND and only connected on the DDC118 board.

4 An incomplete iteration - the LDO is still on Rev.1E. Attempts were made :)Should I have a need to build another board, it'll probably look very different today.

WE-SHC shielding components:

WE-SHC Shielding Cabinet | Passive Components | Würth Elektronik Product Catalog

Hirose DF40GL shielded mezzanine connectors: