Project Plan

  1. Mission Requirements
    1. Multirotor sizes and weights
    2. Range, speed, and endurance requirements
    3. Trapeze system rough details
    4. Cable system rough details
  2. Sizing
    1. Wing and engine sizing
    2. Initial structural layout and weight calculations
    3. Trade Study
  3. Design for manufacture
  4. Prototype

Special design considerations

Small drones and model aircraft are often designed from a components first perspective. They are sized for a particular engine. This is in contrast to professional aircraft which are designed from a mission first perspective. This project will attempt to adopt a mission first perspective and as an exercise work through the excellent book by Daniel P. Raymer Aircraft Design: A Conceptual Approach. The software Raymer originally wrote to assist in this process(RDS) is a very good legacy system but this project as a learning opportunity will attempt to replicate the functionality in python and where appropriate perform any large solution space searches in a distributed way using pyspark.