meow! is a IoT Amazon Echo enabled Cat Feeder for tidbits (treats). Best used while you are tired of tickling your Cat(s). Made with ♡.

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Why 'meow!'?

So, there is this Girl and those two super sweet Tuna-Rockets aka 'Captain' and 'Princess'.
You see - it starts like a fairy tale... But seriously it isn't a fairy tale at all - some bad things
were happening BUT this Girl and her Cats are still what I want and looking for in my Life.

Because I love both (the Girl and the Cats) and i ever wanted to build something useful that interact and connect both in a 'nerdy' way, I started to build a Cat-Feeder that does not only spit some tidbits out if you push a simple button.
I wanted to have it all. WiFi, Speech integration via Amazon Echo, Web interface and the
last but not least the “simple button”. And all of this should be easy to install (WiFi credentials) and in a nice 3D printed case to please the eyes.

I will update the Project Details over the next few days to show you how much i already did.

I'am still looking for useful additions to the Project. Please write in the comments section if you have some nice ideas.



  • WiFi
  • Web Interface
  • Amazon Echo integration
  • Easy to install and use
  • Offline useable

  • 1 × NodeMCU / ESP8266 An open-source firmware and development kit that helps you to prototype your IOT product.
  • 2 × Servo or Stepper Motor to drive the filling Auger.
  • 1 × Touch Button to recognize touches through the 3D printed Case.
  • 1 × 3D Printer to print the Case.
  • 1 × some Cables no project without cabling.

  • WiFi Credentials Setup

    Chrischia day ago 0 comments

    I used WiFi Manager to implement the WiFi Credentials Setup to meow!

    meow! looks if the already saved WiFi Credentials are matching the current available WiFi Network and will connect directly to it. If the credentials didn't match or a new WiFi is available, meow! will start in Setup Mode. A AP is startet and broadcasts "meow! Setup!" as SSID. You can connect to this WiFi and a Splash-Page will let you assign new WiFi credentials to meow!.

    So, anyone with a WiFi enabled device can integrate / assign meow! to the local network.
    (To reset the WiFi credentials, you could use the 'undocumented' ;-) reset URL http://meow.local/resetwifi and the device will reset and restart in ,meow! Setup' mode.

    Because a (moving) picture is worth a thousand words:

  • Webinterface - Demo

    Chrischi2 days ago 0 comments

    Demo of the meow! Webinterface.

  • Amazon Echo integration.

    Chrischi3 days ago 0 comments

    Here is a Video of the final Amazon Echo Integration.

    I will tell you some time later how i did it.

  • Webinterface

    Chrischi3 days ago 1 comment

    Web Interface of meow! The Cat is a animated gif that meows some hearts.
    (I have to dig later through the Internet for the gif Credits)

    Web Interface of meow! while distributing some treats:

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Mark wrote 2 days ago point

Humble suggestion... add a honking big button to trigger a treat release and observe your cats as they figure out how to work it.  

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Chrischi wrote 2 days ago point

Nice suggestion!

Exactly this is what i was thinking about as a "add-on" to this project.

A ESP8266 powered Button / small toy that can sit or hide anyway around the flat and triggers the "meow!".

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