WiFi Credentials Setup

A project log for meow!

meow! is a IoT Amazon Echo enabled Cat Feeder for tidbits (treats). Best used while you are tired of tickling your Cat(s). Made with ♡.

ChrischiChrischi 03/22/2017 at 16:510 Comments

I used WiFi Manager to implement the WiFi Credentials Setup to meow!

meow! looks if the already saved WiFi Credentials are matching the current available WiFi Network and will connect directly to it. If the credentials didn't match or a new WiFi is available, meow! will start in Setup Mode. A AP is startet and broadcasts "meow! Setup!" as SSID. You can connect to this WiFi and a Splash-Page will let you assign new WiFi credentials to meow!.

So, anyone with a WiFi enabled device can integrate / assign meow! to the local network.
(To reset the WiFi credentials, you could use the 'undocumented' ;-) reset URL http://meow.local/resetwifi and the device will reset and restart in ,meow! Setup' mode.

Because a (moving) picture is worth a thousand words: