Adding Sound and it will guide you thru the initial Setup.

A project log for meow!

meow! is a IoT Amazon Echo enabled Cat Feeder for tidbits (treats). Best used while you are tired of tickling your Cat(s). Made with ♡.

ChrischiChrischi 04/26/2017 at 18:570 Comments

Recently i came about the idea of adding Sound to meow! because no one besides of me would ever know how to set up meow!

To get it fully working i added a callback to the fauxmoESP Library to see if meow! is discovered and to play the right sound file.

The Steps are:

1. Welcome and Instructions

2. Setup complete - Trying to connect to the WiFi.

3. WiFi connected

4. Trying to help the User, saying "Alexa, search Smarthome-Devices"

5. If No 4 fails, Instruct the User what to do.

6. Setup complete + Instructions what the URL is and that there is also a Touch Button on the meow! Surface.

Sorry Guys, it's currently only in German, but I want to add English in the near future. I thought about checking the Geo-location via IP and after that "meow!" will decide which language to use.

Later (after Setup) in the Settings Menu you could change the Interface and spoken language.

Maybe I will add "meowish" to it as Easter-egg. ;-)

See it in Action (Speaker ON!):