It Lives!

A project log for GoKart Tank

Build a real tracked vehicle out of off the shelf parts

samernsamern 03/20/2017 at 17:230 Comments

Phew. All done and ready for the Maker Faire. And it runs and runs great! In the end, I learned:

1) My choice for track works well in one direction only. Going in reverse throws a track

2) 2.5HP is not enough

3) I over engineered it in the effort to make it 'Heavy Duty'. I should have stuck to a metal body

4) I would use straight through axles for the road wheels. I have 16 pillow block bearings there. Each weights close to 3lbs. I could do fine with axles and 8 bearings instead.

5) The lexan sprung bogie is not strong enough for heavy duty work. I have to switch to metal

6) Electric is not the way to go for something this heavy. The motors are way too heavy and the 8 batteries are killer in terms of weight.

But...I love it!