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Build a real tracked vehicle out of off the shelf parts

samernsamern 04/07/2017 at 00:510 Comments

I am debating V2.0 of the tank to abandon the wooden frame and go with all metal. Here's what I am considering:

When I moved all my servers from my CoLo, I also brought back all these rails from the server rack made of 1/8" powder coated steel. These are L shaped rails that have one piece that slides into the other so that you can adjust it for different length/depth racks. I have maybe 10 of these things (for 5 servers). These aren't the ball-bearings sliding rails. They are fixed. They are strong, heavy duty, very solid. I measured them up and I have enough to make a pretty big and solid metal frame to replace the wooden one. I also have a lot of sheet metal from my airplane builds, tons of rivets and of course my drill. I think I can make a solid frame out of these left over materials that I would otherwise have to give away or sell off for peanuts. Yeah, I think it's viable. In addition, I have 2 dead 4U servers I had custom built years ago. The cases themselves are also steel. Bolt those onto the frame and you have a full enclosed box frame that is rigid and hollow AND fireproof. My thinking is that I can make a box frame with panels and a hollow space to install batteries, electronics and whatever else I need using recycled computer junk and still make it look good. Here is a grainy picture of the tank with one rail laying on it.

And here is one of those cases. Pretty hefty.

What do you think?