3-axis force sensor with gravity compensation

Force sensor that measures forces in X, Y and Z direction.

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-10cm diameter
-UART and USB interface
-LSM6DSL for gravity compensation
-8 strain gauges
-PC software
-easy to make (CNC machine required)

I am currently designing a 3-axis force sensor with gravity compensation as a part of postgraduate course. The idea is, that the unloaded sensor will show no force applied in all three directions for which I will use LSM6DSL to measure orientation.

All files (hardware, PCB, software) will eventually be available when I decide that the project has come to a stage where it will be usable (repeatable results in desired tolerances) and easy to make by (almost) anyone.

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Roland wrote 10/14/2019 at 08:23 point


I'm very intereseted in your sensor idea!!
Do you've an udpate or information?

Many thanks!


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