Coffee me Up! is an opensource coffee alarm-coffee-machine that not only wakes you up every single miserable day of your life, but it does it in style! With a good ole cup of hot black coffee!


  • A Coffee Machine (sorry to let you down mech guys, we're computer nerds);
  • An ARM Microcontroler (we're using an Atmel SAME70-XPLD);
  • A wifi-module;
  • Sound speakers;
  • Buttons (we need a way to stop that goddamn alarm!);
  • 7 Segments Display (to show the current time);

Side notes, the Atmel SAME70-XPLD already comes with a RTC included in it, if that's not your case, you might be in for some extra work.


In general, all code can be found in, above is just a quick highlight of what and where you may find what you're looking for.