The good news is that we are about to test our new 7.8W diode laser. It will be the most powerful diode laser from Endurance.

Just a quick reminder: we make powerful diode laser accessories for 3D printers and CNC machines.

We did not believe that it would be possible.

Some time ago we did not believe we could laser engrave on aluminum; we knew that only powerful 80W+ CO2 lasers could do that.

Then we decided to make an experiment: we painted a piece of aluminum and tried to engrave it.

And got an amazing result…

Many DIY suppliers and manufacturers of diode lasers say that their lasers cannot engrave on metal, for some reasons our lasers can.

We used a DIY machine for that. By the way, if you purchase them from Ali, you will need a video tutorial to assemble it. Perhaps, you will like ours

Or if you need to assemble a MakeBlock 2.0 XY plotter you are also welcome to watch this guidance

Another useful application of your 3D printer or CNC mill

I know that a lot of makers like to create their own PCB at home. About a year ago we made a video showing how to make a PCB just using a laser, a film and water solution of FeCl3

But we still wanted to give a better tool and finally we created 5.6W laser and installed it on a Neje engraving machine (it’s a good mount machine). And it appeared that with a help of a 5.6W diode laser you can do laser soldering. So it is quite easy, just press the button, wait for 1-2 sec and it is ready.

And one more good experiment we made

We receive a lot of requests asking if diode lasers can be useful for companies that are selling something and would like to put their stickers on their product.

We know that people prefer to use self-adhesive labels.

We had no idea how many different self- adhesive films are being sold worldwide, but we chose some shiny sticker (something like a self-adhesive foil) for marking something

We feared that the laser power would not be enough to cut through the foil as all the light power would be reflected.

Also it was important to make sure that the laser beam cut only the foil and did not damage the paper, to which the foil was glued.

We are happy to share our knowledge and experience with makers, hobbyists and 3D printing community.

Learn more about the experiments we make on our YouTube channels