20Msps+ ADC RaspberryPi HAT

Always wanted to have Msps ADCs on a Raspberry ... Let's dig into it.

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Who doesn't need a quick and dirty ADC pHAT for her/his pi, especially these small wireless marvels? I know I need one, for trigger-based, burst action.

This project aims at testing the capabilities of the piW in terms of managing external ADCs - will start from the well-documented CA3306E, move forward to the 8-bit ADC08200, and why not move higher and faster as it goes?

I've always needed a small upgrade to the existing raspberry ADC extensions, would love something in the 20-Msps range. Let's see if one can do it ! Never tried smd, and thinking of using both smd and dip.. interesting learning curve ahead.

The first application I can think of is to support the acquisition for my ultrasound imaging project ( at ), where I need to sample a +- 3.3V signal coming from the analog processing board. Would be keen to see how this could compare to the PRUDAQ, o

The idea here lies on the idea that we haven't tapped yet into the full potential of the raspberry pi in terms of ADC.
Some have shown that the first gen of Raspberry could go to 10Msps as detailed here

My take is that the new Raspberry (3 or even W) can surely go above. And I want to try it, either with this old CA3306E or with more recent kick-ass ADCs.
Let's see!

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Damon wrote 2 hours ago point

could this be used to create crazy oversampled oscillators for audio/music/synth purposes?

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