AHRS platform for gliders

Integrated AHRS and sensing platform for gliders and GA aircraft with Bluetooth interface

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With the increased usage of smart devices in the cockpit and always improving avionics software available for those devices, I want to design a plug-and-play, Bluetooth-enabled AHRS platform for gliders and GA aircraft.
It should be able to determine aircraft attitude in three axes, magnetic heading, geographic position via satellite navigation, pressure altitude, airspeed and current net energy. Additionally, there will be an NMEA 0183 interface to directly connect devices like FLARM without the need for separate bluetooth adapters.

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Rene wrote a day ago point

Hi Marian,

I just came across your project browsing the 2017 HaD prize entries... Seems like we have similar design goals; Have a look at my project: Might be useful to share some design ideas...

Kind Regards,


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