Object: Create a safe box for home made appliances.

Requirement 1: a fireproof box that will alarm if there is a fire inside

Requirement 2: Soundproof a nosey appliance

e.g. a safe place to keep a mains power, china box I don't trust.

Requirement 3: monitor materials, e.g. keep an eye on spool size, or measure as it leaves, or by weight,

Requirement 4: trending of data with intelligent alerts

This is over kill. Just to be clear.

Design Solution:

A fireproof box that will warn when there is a fire,

Box is also sound proof,

Box will monitor key components of appliance in box,


RPi & Arduino:


Smoke detector

Temperature & Humidity (?)

3D printer monitor; interface via octoprint:

Thermocouple (TC) on power terminals; single point of failure

TC on motors (~5)

TC on Bed

TC on extruder

Monitor Filament status (small spring on a flap attached to a resistor)


1: Emergency (smoke or hot power terminal)

Alarm & Email & SMS & Kill Power

2: Error (print stop, filament out,

Beep & Email & SMS

3: Warning (Filament low, power surge, print finished,

Beep & Email & SMS

4: Information (status,



Temp & humidity

Spool status

Temp of motors, extruder, power terminals,

Elec data, volts, amp, watt,

Technically the camera should know what the elevation of a print will be at a given point in time therefore Opencv should be able to say if a print is going to plan or not.


A box, ideally metal something like a filing cabinet (saw that somewhere can't find it now)

Fiberglass insulation (fire and sound proof ish)

Vent, not sure about this,

3D printer sitting on slides

All elec on control box on top of box, not part of printer

Single power supply, split between control box and appliance, control box can kill power to

Separate box for filament or

android tablet for interface, via web interface, allow remote monitoring