Design process transparency

A project log for OSUG: Open-Source Underwater Glider

A versatile autonomous environmental drone using a buoyancy engine

alexwalexw 07/21/2017 at 22:320 Comments

The glider currently has had two main design iterations. The first version of the glider was the completed version within the smaller tubing and was primarily a design concept. The second generation of the glider developed from the first generation and will take it to a functional prototype. However, the second generations did not involve a complete redesign so the design is clunky in some places where the glider transitioned from a smaller tube to larger tubing. The third generation of the glider will be a functional glider with a complete redesign to fit the larger tubing, complete with thorough assembly instructions and documentation.

The first two generations of the glider have been modeled using Solidworks, which is a closed sourced and expensive CAD package. As I intend to redesign every component of the glider for the third generation, I'm looking to transition to using Onshape, an online CAD package which is free to use.

With regards to circuit design, I used Eagle to design the first version of the PCB, but this is closed source and provides a limited feature set when used for free. I will have a look at KiCad because this would provide an alternative to Eagle that is an open-source package and is completely free.

I have also updated the "links" section to include a link to a Dropbox folder which is the working folder that I use to store all files related to the glider (Design files/datasheets/screenshots/everything). The main workings are currently within "Glider_version_2".