Prototyping and creating electronic projects could be tough. Sometimes the effort for checking out your new idea is simply to much, and so you write it down on some of your many TODO lists, and with time you forget about it. Situation is even worse if your system requires many of devices which operate with each other and are spread over some area like house, or laboratory. So what if you had an application gathering in one place all the pieces of your system and displaying them graphically and letting you to connect them like you do with electronic components in you EDA software? You would then simply drag and drop them, connect with streams of data, and display bits of this data, or send it somewhere else.

This project aims to create new data flow graphical programming language for small wireless boards communicating with the host computer using Bluetooth Low energy. Data-flow programs are parallel in nature, so one could interact and reprogram connected devices all at once. Data would be sent upstream and downstream in real time making it possible for creating rich and responsible GUI interfaces and Bluetooth connection would decrease latency between data and GUI response. Also the host computer could act as a bridge between the wireless boards and the Internet acting as (for example) a MQTT relay allowing users to publish their data over the net. This way this system could be a backbone of many future IoT projects, and thanks to the unusual, and easy to grasp programming environment could reduce prototyping time, and enable non programmers to create all sorts of projects.