LC3 Assembler Computer

An 8-bit computer based on LC3 ISA to allow students/educators to learn/teach assembly in a more fun and interactive way.

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A lot of colleges and universities use some type of simple 8-bit assembly ISA to teach introduction to computer systems, but because they are 8-bit ISA's there is no hardware to actually run their programs on, programs are all run on a simulator. I thought it would be pretty cool to build a full computer based off of the LC3 ISA.

The end goal is to have a full computer with all the normal sorts of components, memory, I/O, display, which can directly be programmed using the LC3 ISA and then execute those programs. The computer will also be able to execute programs inserted through an SD Card as well as edit those programs directly.

I will post more details as time goes by and more progress is made!

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BigEd wrote 07/26/2017 at 16:14 point

Sounds like an interesting project @Avi  - do you think you will continue with it?

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Frank Buss wrote 03/21/2017 at 01:14 point

Sounds cool. But the Wikipedia page says that there is already a hardware implementation described in the book: Do you plan to use this, or do you want to design your own implementation? Would be easy to implement this in VHDL. Together with some VGA output capabilities, like my YaGraphCon project ( ) this would be really useful. Could easily run on small FPGA boards like the DE0 nano.

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