Design thus far

A project log for Modular Open-Source AV Receiver

A specification and reference implementation for a modular audio/visual receiver

Andrew BolinAndrew Bolin 03/21/2017 at 00:560 Comments

A summary of my design thus far (work very much in progress)

- 8 channels of digital audio (considering upgrade to 16 or more)

- Backplane with PCI-express connectors (cheap connector with many pins, saves cost on module)

- Daisy-chain modules to allow DSP of any input (or no DSP module at all)

- Module capability discovery via I2C/SPI EEPROM

- Minimal work required of CPU (e.g. choice of Arduino, Raspberry Pi, maybe 6502 if you can bit-bang the bus)

Vague block diagram:

(signal flow is from left to right, my drawing tool was too tedious to add arrows)

Control module may or may not also act as an input module (signal source).