AB1815 RTC breakout board

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Frank BussFrank Buss 04/21/2017 at 08:560 Comments

I plan to use an ESP8266 inside the clock, but a good clock needs to have a standalone realtime clock, if the internet is not available. So I created a breakout board for the AB1815 RTC clock chip to test it. Later I could even mount this on a vero board inside the clock.

I like the 3D view of KiCad:

This is my first KiCad board, until now I used Eagle for the last 20 years, but KiCad looks nice and modern, if you've mastered the quirks every program has.

I compiled it from source, latest stable release 4.0.6. In previous versions the 3D view was not that good. All files are in the Github repository. I shared the board on OSH Park.