Soldered up the circuit on protoboard pcb!

A project log for GameOfLife_ht1632c_display_AVR

displaying Conway's Game of Life on a ht1632c-based 32x8 LED matrix using an AVR ATtiny26 mcu

Ethan DurrantEthan Durrant 07/27/2014 at 06:390 Comments

I have decided that this project is mostly done electronics-wise (and probably code-wise since flash is full). So in this decision, I concluded that I sould solder up the circuit I have been prototyping into a more permanent form on a scrap of protoboard, so I did so ( but a made a non-fatal mistake soldering the button, easily fixable though ). The picture (very blurry due to horrible old camera and macro setting) has been added to the set up pictures in the project. Also updated the cover photo to show the display and protoboard circuit in action, uncovered, with no case. Next addition is to make a really awesome enclosure later when I have time, possibly made out of wood, plastic (lego maybe?), or just some cardboard ( most likely ).