Interesting coincidence, and the number 2048.

A project log for GameOfLife_ht1632c_display_AVR

displaying Conway's Game of Life on a ht1632c-based 32x8 LED matrix using an AVR ATtiny26 mcu

Ethan DurrantEthan Durrant 07/27/2014 at 07:250 Comments

According to the link for this project. I must be project number 2048 on Hackaday Projects! If you look at the number in the link.

This is pretty crazy to figure out, after just recently finding out that my program compiles to exactly 2048 bytes, for a AVR ATtiny26 which has exactly 2048 bytes of flash program memory. I am also having a strange incling to play the 2048 game now as well...

Is 42 really the answer to life the universe and everything? Or is it 2048 now.

What has just happened?