Pen Clicking Simulator

Working pen that clicks silently, but has a headphone jack that plays fake click sounds whenever you click it

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One of my teachers in particular hates it when I compulsively click my pen because "the sound distracts the whole class." He told me I couldn't even use my beloved clicky pens anymore in his class! Fortunately, I've come up with a solution: a pen that clicks without making a sound, but whenever one *does* click it, it makes a clicking sound out of a headphone jack. I've been inspired to make this by my English teacher, Simone Giertz, and the Useless Duck Company.

(Planned) Features:

- Large battery & microcontroller assembly jutting out right where one would hold the pen
- Rechargeable battery (lasts 30 minutes)
- Can also be plugged into a loudspeaker if you *really* want to annoy your teacher
- IoT enabled & webscale; tracks how many times you've clicked it
- Still technically works as a pen!

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zakqwy wrote 03/22/2017 at 15:07 point

One thought -- many years ago I built an LED light built into a standard BIC pen and discovered the Panasonic BR-435 primary battery. It's designed for illuminated nocks (as in, the feathery part of an arrow) and fishing lures. Not rechargable, but may be useful for this project. 

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