Introducing NoodleDriver

A project log for BlindSight

Creating an app that e-NABLEs blind and visually impaired people to use cell phones and tablets.

Les HallLes Hall 05/11/2017 at 11:190 Comments

Welcome NoodleDriver to the project; we are sure to get plenty of help from this friend of mine from Ireland as he tells me he has a Diploma in Audio Engineering. We were just chatting about the project and NoodleDriver informed me of some existing work that can convert an image into a song. The program is called Photo Sounder. It is available at and NoodleDriver just played for me on Skype, the sound of his own image!

I had thought of much simpler techniques and had in mind an FFT of the image played as a time-spectrum; apparently this is readily available in software written by others. This is such great news! I'm really impressed with the audio I'm hearing at this moment over Skype. We are testing different images. So now we are having fun with it! I better go, so WELCOME NoodleDriver!