Rethinking the Prototype

A project log for Neltume: Language learning device for blind people

Language learning device for blind people

Hernán ValdésHernán Valdés 03/21/2017 at 10:070 Comments

I have already generated some of the basic functions available in Prototype A Software

In order to keep logs (with dates) of how many times the user had used Neltume it is necessary to use a Real Time Clock (RTC) that raspberry doesn't include in his original design. So, until the RTC arrives we are only using this format make a log of the word:

log –> #id_word:[#goods, #total]

In this first prototype (A) I want to develop a laptop only interface. Using the keyboard distribution previously shown on Log2. Prototype B will consist of a model inspired on the braille-keyboard, with 9 main buttons a.k.a. Neltume XL and Prototype C will have different configuration of buttons, and possibly some of them will have an arrow shape to navigate through the menu. Maybe it could be an easier interface use only four option button (instead of the six actual), two for navigation and one for confimation. Only tests can confirm which one is easier.

Also, thinking of other possible uses for Neltume, it came to mind the possibility to use it like an interactive audio book and for test preparations.