Prototype B

A project log for Neltume: Language learning device for blind people

Language learning device for blind people

Hernán ValdésHernán Valdés 03/21/2017 at 10:300 Comments

After reading documents about the situation of blind people on Latinamerica and specifically in Chile, where only between 15-20% of the total blind population can actually read in braille or other systems, a rethink and redesign was necessary at least for an early Prototype.

After rethinking the actual design and button distribution of the device I changed the distribution to 3 buttons (bottom) for navigation (Right - Confirmation - Left) and 4 buttons (up) for multiple alternative selection.

Prototype B is implemented in a Raspberry Pi 3B, because I can easily transfer the file through SSH via WiFi.

The sound of the Raspberry Pi via Jack 3.5mm is just horrible and noisy, one alternative is to use a USB Audio Card.