System Design Document, Credits and Licensing

A project log for Hoverlay II

open hardware interactive midair screen

Moritz WalterMoritz Walter 08/16/2014 at 09:040 Comments

In order to get a proper System Design Document out I also had to sum up all the used libraries including their license information, open source software and what-so-open-ever else to pay appropriate appreciation to all those great projects out there. Reading this makes me feel like I actually did totally nothing in this project.


Credits and Licensing

The Hoverlay II hardware, CAD, and all application code is licensed under GPL V3

This project would not have been possible without open source hard- and software. Special thanks the following open source projects, that have been used in making and/or are part of Hoverlay II:

Hardware Design:

- OpenScad (GPL V2)

- Processing (GPL V2, LGPL, GPL)


- RepRap Project (GPL)

- Repetier (Apache License V2)

- Slic3r (Perl Artistic License & AGPLv3)

- LinuxCNC (GNU GPL)

Application Development:

- Processing (GPL V2, LGPL, GPL)

- KinectA (GPL V3)

- OpenNI (Apache License V2)

- MSAFluid Processing library (MIT License)

- oscP5 Processing library (GNU LGPL V2.1)

- Minim Processing library (GNU LGPL)

- saitoobjloader Processing library (MIT License)

- Arduino (Creative Commons ShareAlike)

Also thanks to Christian Knüll for his efforts in making an affordable CAM tool

available. Check it out at (not open source!)

All layouts have been made with Adobe Illustrator (also not open source!).

Of course the used Microsoft Kinect is not open hardware. If you want to learn more about how the Microsoft Kinect is licensed, read the manual from page 14 here:

And last but not least, without the support of my local makerspace "Attraktor", not a single prototype would have been realized. If you live in or nearby Hamburg, Germany, you should definitely give us a visit sometime!