"Feuertanz" & "Streiflicht"

A project log for Hoverlay II

open hardware interactive midair screen

Moritz WalterMoritz Walter 08/19/2014 at 10:150 Comments

I've had the luck to get the two truly amazing animation artists and fellow students of mine, David-Kim Hermsdorf and Philipp Kessling, to create this wonderful animation double "Feuertanz" and "Streiflicht" for the Hoverlay II.

Thank you guys, you did a fantastic job there. I (and probably everybody else close by the live installation) immediately got goose pimples experiencing a deep visual stimulation accompanied by deep frequency quakes.

To you, who are watching this on your regular, flat, non-hovering screen with laptop speakers, the experience might not be the same, but I hope it gives you an impression of what's happening there ;)

Short fragments of the footage have also been showed in the Brightness Booster Demo video, I just wanted to get the official permittance to show off the whole thing on Youtube directly from the artists befor upping it completely. I hope you enjoy watching it!