Full CAD model released

A project log for Hoverlay II

open hardware interactive midair screen

Moritz WalterMoritz Walter 09/25/2014 at 15:530 Comments

Both Hoverlay I and II were completely layouted in Adobe Illustrator, a surprisingly flat 2D drawing tool I just happen to work with a lot. This is how it looks like, basically:

Making all the parts fit without using 3D CAD required some imagination and a few trigonometric vitamins. Now, since I am getting more and more into OpenSCAD, it's possibilities (like "programming things", yay), and limitations (like no programatical generation of polyhedrons, ouch), I can finally release a full model of the Hoverlay II.

Mind that this is not meant as a 3D printable version of the Hoverlay II, but it's an important step to get there with a potential Hoverlay III. In order to really get this out there on the printers of the makers, splitting up the Hoverlay module in even smaller segments might be as ineviteable as shinking down the module as a whole.

However, in theory, and if you're crazy enough, this is completely 3D-printable. In the screenshot above from Repetier Host you can see that my build platform is completely covered by the object, which means my Prusa i3 is just too small for that. If you plan to threw this onto your FDM machine, make sure your support material spool is full and your printer has the massive build envelope of at least 326 x 271 x 240 mm. Also make sure you print the housing and the vat separately.

All the updated files are commited and synced to the GitHub repository by now.