Quantity   Component name
1 × AC power supply (fused!) depending on your choice of foggers, 24 V or 36 V AC, about 120 W
1 × DC power supply (fused!) 12V DC min. 200W
8 × PC case fans 12V DC, approx. 40 CFM each
1 × Set of printed parts from the repository
1 × Set of milled parts from the repository PVC hardfoam plates is a good material for building enclosures, easy to cut, easy to glue
4 × Ultrasonic atomizers, alternatively one single (strong) one smaller ones have about 24V AC, approx. 14 W each, while stronger ones go beyond 36 V AC, approx. 120 W each
12 × Female power connectors 3,5 mm gold plated rc power connectors female
6 × Male power connectors 3,5 mm gold plated rc power connectors male
1 × tons of screws size depends on your build
1 × plastics glue for putting together the housing
1 × double sided adhesive tape for installing the flow formers
16 × M3x35mm screw for attaching the fans
16 × M3 nut for attaching the fans
24 × M2x10mm screws for attaching the power connectors
24 × M2 nut for attaching the power connectors
30 × M3 ring cable shoes Electronic Compfor sealing the vatonents / Misc. Electronic Components
1 × several wires, large diameter, 3-4mm^2 is good for the atomizer power bus
1 × several wires, standard diameter, 1-2mm^2 is good for the fan power busses
1 × 326mm long piece of ø25mm PVC tube (perforated with a driller)
1 × video or still image projector A 3000 - 5000 ANSI lumen projector doesn't hurt while a overhead or dia projector will also work.