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A project log for Cubetto Clone

I would like to build a re-engineered Cubetto clone for my son.

konkavKonkav 03/28/2017 at 11:160 Comments

The next step were the programming blocks. The V1 had four: left turn, right turn, go forward, jump into the subroutine (function). The V2 got some new blocks added, the "negate" block, the backward block, and the random block. The first I didn't like, I am hesitant about the second, but the random block is interesting. For the first run, I will have the left, right, forward, random blocks, and two different subroutine blocks. I like the idea of two function.

Ok, the blocks are decided, but how will I produce it? In the V1, it was cut out from plywood, and glued together. In V2 it was injection molded. I did not want to make it from plywood, it would be too much laser cutting, and I did not have a laser-cutter. It means I would have to design it, go out somewhere to cut it out, then glue it together, and if I wanted to change something, then GOTO 10. And at the end, when I finally made the blocks right, I would need to paint them, because I like them colorful, but I don't like painting. Luckily it happened, that I have built a RepScrap Junkminator 2000 few months ago, and got some experience with it. So I started to design it. I am using a software called SolverSpace. I tried out a few, but find this program to be just logical, simple, understandable for me.

I have made the right turn, printed it out in one piece. I made a place at the bottom of the block, where to put the 1x1cm PCB. It looks like this: