Introduction to the new Micro Robots project.

A project log for Micro Robots.

Very small robots with features equivalent to their larger counterparts. For classrooms, robotics labs and more!

joshua-elsdonJoshua Elsdon 03/21/2017 at 17:490 Comments

This project is a continuation of a project that we started working on in 2015. It has been organically growing since then in the time between our real work. Whilst it is hard to mark a particular moment the project changed we feel that it has moved from a PCB design project to an application design project. In other words the hardware is reaching a point of maturity and now is no longer a prime focus (though incremental upgrades are still on the schedule). So now we are focusing on realising an application with the robots.

So if you are interested in the history of the project we have quite a well documented project here that chronicles the development of the circuit board, the wheel manufacture and many more insights. This project will be focusing on V5.0 and beyond of the hardware and will document our attempts at scaling to larger runs of manufacture, implementing some fun experiments (and if you are very lucky maybe some elements of commercialisation).