More production needed in current model.

A project log for A Safe(r) HHO gas carburetor for small engines.

No more gas, diesel, or propane. Run it on WATER!

TheThriftstoreHackerTheThriftstoreHacker 04/25/2017 at 18:500 Comments

With the current round plates (as shown in videos) i will need to generate at least 6 times the amount of fuel i am producing to make the engine run with on-demand HHO. Since the project is made from very easy to find parts i think this will not hurt my build budget too much. Currently i am searching for the perfect container for the generator cells and it has not been an easy find. I want something made of clear plastic and air tight.

Here are the build videos from my channel. I originally started to convert this engine for propane but then the internet gave me ideas. lol.

Carburetor build

HHO cell build

And the system test with a bit of fail.