Price point for cheap production

A project log for A Safe(r) HHO gas carburetor for small engines.

No more gas, diesel, or propane. Run it on WATER!

TheThriftstoreHackerTheThriftstoreHacker 05/22/2017 at 17:270 Comments

After searching around for parts and materials i think i have figured out my cost for production. The full sized prototype may cost 4 or 5 times more than the unit for sale (which is cheap for R&D) but i want to keep the overall production price per unit to under $300 USD. After the full sized production model is made i think with the right vendors supplying parts in bulk i can push overall construction costs per unit down to about $200.

Now if i were to Kickstarter or GoFundMe something like this i could sell units at $250-$300 to start off. The $250 to $300 starting price (first batch buyers) would be ideal to help grow production and advertise the product.

In an ideal situation if i could get my production costs down to $100 a unit the remaining $150 per unit would go to help with shipping, research, warehouse space, and a small bankroll for the business (advertisement, media, etc). If enough people want to buy the product that could drive down my production costs even more.

This is just a thought with full scale production and sales way down the road but i hope i could make this product as affordable as possible.