Update and parting (?) thoughts

A project log for TinyBot: Robot Family Development Board

Shlonkin's wonderful tiny robots get their own PCB and on board battery charging.

ericEric 11/30/2015 at 04:400 Comments

I assembled a couple of tinybots from the latest version of the PCB, and it seems to work great! A few build notes:

  1. I am using slices of pencil eraser for wheels. The axles will press right into the eraser without any sort of pilot hole, but seem to grip pretty well.
  2. The latest PCB has solder pads for attaching the motors which works pretty well with plenty of flux and heat. Just make sure the motors are either perfectly level or slightly sloped down at the outside ends or else the eraser wheels (which are barely larger than these motors) won't touch the ground.Motor solderpad detail
  3. Don't forget to wire the motors in opposite polarity or the tinybot will spin in circles =). Since they are facing opposite directions, they need to rotate in opposite directions!

At some point I would like to build a small army of these with different sensors, but I think for now I will move on to other projects (#pizero!). Here are a couple things I would add / modify for the next version if and when I (or you!) get around to it: