8/12/14 It's Alive!

A project log for TinyBot: Robot Family Development Board

Shlonkin's wonderful tiny robots get their own PCB and on board battery charging.

ericEric 08/13/2014 at 02:550 Comments

PCBs (12 of them!) arrived from, they look great!  A couple of issues to the hole sizes wrong for the battery holder so needed to re-drill.  Drilled through a tracing so had to add a jumper.  But after that they work!  Will update eagle files ASAP.  

The main issue now is motor mounts.  I am using the hot glue method at the moment.  But if suitable wheels could be found (see for example ZaidPirwani's comment down below) then we could look at a clip or other method for mounting the motors parallel to the board.