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    Smart security is a central pillar of the growing smart home universe, with many brands trying to bring the most complete and innovative products on the market (Nest, Netatmo, Withings, etc.). Those products offer a very complete protection against intrusions but also offer prevention to in-home accidents or house monitoring, and the current success of such products underline the significant importance customers give to such services.

    Unfortunately, those products are very often expensive (more than $100, up to $300 for complete solutions) and for the vast majority include hidden costs (mandatory service subscriptions, necessary complementary product, blocked ecosystem, etc.).

    We offer you today to find a way to do a completely DIY smart security system with either old components and devices you can find at home or very cheap material, in order to create the most complete yet inexpensive system to protect and remotely monitor your home for less than $50!


    • House owners who want to secure their house but cannot afford expensive systems
    • Tech enthusiasts who want to discover home automation and learn more about smart devices and DIY tech
    • DIY passionates who know nothing about tech but are enthusiastic to challenge their DIY skills into a new undiscovered world

    We base our projects on three simple rules:

    • No tech skills needed - we will guide you in all steps to make sure you don’t feel lost
    • No big expense needed - depending on what you have at home, this system can be done for less than $50!
    • Everything can be done in one hour


    • Two smart cameras connected to monitor efficiently your house
    • Smart hub that alerts you of suspect behavior
    • Smart hub that sends you snapshots of your house when you request a situation report
    • Remotely start an alarm when intruders have been spotted in the house

    This project is meant to be very adaptable so that you can improve it with further equipment or resources.

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    • Raspberry Pi (v2 or v3)
    • 16Gb SD card
    • An old camera
    • PIR or laser sensor + jumper wires
    • An old unused smartphone
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    You first need to build the smart hub that will control the automation of your ring bell and connect all devices together. Prota OS for Raspberry Pi is our free smart hub OS which is very easy to install. In no time you will turn your Raspberry Pi into a smart home automation hub!

    You can download Prota OS here. Then burn it on the SD card.
    We made an easy guide you can follow to set up your Prota Pi.

    Alternatively, you can check this Instructables.